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Land Reclamation
No 47 (1)

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MATEUSZ STELMASZCZYK, TOMASZ OKRUSZKO, PATRICK MEIRE: Nutrients availability and hydrological conditions of selected wetland ecosystems in the Biebrza river valley

ZBIGNIEW POPEK, MICHAŁ WASILEWICZ: Variability of morphological conditions of the Vistula river channel in the section Czerwińsk-Kępa Polska

KATARZYNA PAWLUK, JOANNA FRONCZYK: Removal of dissolved metals by activated carbon from road runoff in batch systems - equilibrium and kinetic

PATRYCJA ROGULA-KOPIEC, JÓZEF S. PASTUSZKA, WIOLETTA ROGULA-KOZŁOWSKA, GRZEGORZ MAJEWSKI: Particulate matter in indoor spaces: known facts and the knowledge gaps

ANDRZEJ ARAŹNY, JOANNA USCKA-KOWALKOWSKA, MAREK KEJNA: Comparison of the predicted insulation of clothing in Toruń and Koniczynka in the years 1998-2012

MAREK KALENIK: Investigations of hydraulic operating conditions of air lift pump with three types of air-water mixers

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